10 Days Bwindi, Queen, Kibale & Mutanda Trip

10 Days Group Exploration, With Gorilla & Chimpanzee Tracking, Tree-Climbing Lions

Uganda is a must visit country, hosting the Primate capital of the World. Described as “the Pearl of Africa,” it is a land of distinction, endowed with unmatched wildlife, friendly people, serene undulating hills that collide into green swampy vegetation, and beautiful tropical rain forests. This trip gives you different aspects Uganda offers, from thrilling game drives in the Savannah jungles of Queen Elizabeth National park, Uganda’s most visited park, and largely inhabited by several species of large and small wildlife, making it perfect place for African Wildlife Safari, to the amazing yet endangered Mountain Gorillas in Bwindi impenetrable rainforest, where you track these gentle giants in the thick natural forest.

These Gorillas exist in only 3 countries worldwide and Uganda has more than 54% of this global population, making it the place where the world lines to see these humans’ cousins of the wild. You also enjoy tracking Chimpanzees in the wild, in Kibale, a national park with very high Primates density, giving it the title of the Primate capital of the world. And when you love beautiful landscape, you get it at Mutanda, an amazing beautiful fresh water lake.

Discover this distinctive wilderness spiced with beauty, with the musical accompaniment of birdlife all along the trip. Limitless Tours and Travels ensures that you are connected with the rest of the world as our vehicles are fitted with Wireless Internet Wifi throughout the trip.

10 Days Group Exploration, With Gorilla & Chimpanzee Tracking, Tree-Climbing Lions, Game Drives, City Tours, Cultural Performances.