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Accommodation and Transportation during Uganda Tour

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  • We help you to choose the safe and profiled accommodation in all the different touristic areas across Uganda.
  • We are absolutely careful of which accommodation facilities we consider in our packages or recommend to travelers to Uganda.
  • The accommodation categories range from Budget, Mid-range and to Luxury options.
  • You  therefore have several options to choose from according to your financial budget and comfort level preferences.
  • In case you would love a particular accommodation not yet profiled, we can inspect it and provide you with the appropriate guidance before you can book your accommodation.
  • Please note that there are some accommodations which are generalist and therefore do not best cater for or do not have the touristic attributes
  • After agreeing on the choice of accommodation, we do not make any changes to it without your approval and consultation.
  • Please note that circumstances may arise that necessitate change of accommodation. In this case, we shall propose to you an alternative accommodation option without affecting your budget, comfort level and shall seek your authorization for the change.
  • We are not bound to only the options highlighted in our packages. We are free to use any appropriate and fitting accommodation. We can use other appropriate accommodations and if you have one of preference, you let us know.
  • You can take a look at some of the accommodation options proposed in our tour packages


  • We provide transport services using different vehicles depending on the number of the visitors, the Nature of terrain, among others
  • Our vehicles have tourist driver guides who are not just ordinary drivers but know the needs of tourists
  • Our drivers and or representatives will pick you from the Airport when you land and through out your stay in  Uganda, you will have a car at your service, if you have a Tour package with us. 
  • You will be transported from arrival, during your trip and even given an airport transfer back to the air port after your trip. 
  • Our vehicles are fitted with wireless internet to enable you have access to internet during your vacation, including transit period.
  • Our vehicles are fueled and it is our responsibility to have enough gas or fuel in the vehicle.
  • We also do airport pick-up and drop off.
  • Note: Please note that Uganda’s public transport system is not well organised, and we therefore recommend that you be transported by your tour operator company. 
  • Also note: that public transport in Uganda is not time-sensitive and you risk loosing a lot of time and messing up your trip if you opt for public transport means
  • Some of our Tour vehicles are here

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