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Accommodation and Transportation during Uganda Tour
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Accommodation: We help you to choose the safe and profiled accommodation in all the different touristic areas across Uganda. We are absolutely careful of which accommodation facilities we consider in our packages or recommend to travelers to Uganda. The accommodation categories range from Budget, Mid-range and to Luxury options. You  therefore have several options to […]
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Beautiful Cottages in Ssese Island Uganda


Ssese, the Ugandan escape Island you can’t miss during your vacation
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A vacation to Uganda quickly awakes the usual activity suspects centered on Gorilla or Chimpanzee tracking, Wildlife safaris in the Savanna Parks, and visit of the cultural sites across Uganda or mingling with one of the friendliest people on the face of the Earth, among other popular nature related or urban activities. One of the […]
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Deep Lake


Uganda is a Fairy Tale back then and Now: What you don’t know about Uganda.
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Uganda is a “fairy tale” – described by Sir Winston Churchhill. Back then to Winston, it was the fairy tale at the end of the railway. Now it still remains the fairy tale at the end of the butmen road, at the end of the off-road tracks and at the landing of the Air jets, […]
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Uganda Crater lake