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The safari Van is your field friend. This tourist-minded vehicle is a four wheel drive car (4WD) that will serve your Safari and travel needs both off-road and on-road, family outings, camping, weekend family escapes, social functions, field explorations and whatever exploration. It comes with a tractable Sunroof that can accommodate as many as 4 people standing and viewing through the sunroof. With a Passenger sitting capacity of 7, 8 including the driver with adjustable and comfortable cushioned seats, you will enjoy the comfort of this van. The van has enough space for cargo in the boot but also has additional roof rack where you can put more cargo. It has working AC, Front and Hind Guards among others. Please note that the price can always be adjusted according to your trip plan, so all you have to do is talk to us and we shall serve your need. We also accept Self drive as well as offering you drivers, whatever you prefer.
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Toyota Supercustom Van

per day

This 4WD Super-custom Van can be hired for a day, days, weeks or even Months. With AC, Sunroof, Front and Hind Guards, Roofrack, etc, this multi-purpose van will serve whatever your need. Whether you need it for a Safari, Tour, Family outing, Function or Fieldwork, the van will serve you just perfect. It has a seating capacity of 7 People excluding the Driver. When you need it for many days, we shall definitely give you a great discount. We also do accept Self-drive but also provide drivers. Just talk to us.