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Gorilla Tracking

Limitless Tours and Travels plans, books and undertakes Mountain Gorilla tracking in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park or Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in Uganda, which is the best place with over 52 percent of remaining Global population of Mountain Gorillas. We take care of all the necessary prior arrangements, including planning your trip, programming, booking, buying your Gorilla permits and do the real ground execution during the tour. We take charge of the stress. All you do is relax and enjoy.

Wildlife Safaris

We do authentic African Safaris in the magical Savannah plains in Uganda's national parks. With our tourist vehicles with open roofs that allow you to have great view into the natural beautiful plains, we do game drives that explore Africa's most-awed wild animals like Lions, Elephants, Giraffes, Leopards, Buffaloes, different Antelope families and the list is endless.
These are very popular services and we serve the World with this great African taste of fun, shock, anxiety culminating into some of the most memorable moments of life that you will ever have.
Your areas and animals of interest determine which Savannah parks we shall prefer and propose to you but this menu is complete and is served as communicated. From the unspoiled sceneries of Kidepo valley national park, to the beautiful gifts in Murchison Falls or to Uganda's most visited Queen Elizabeth among others, you will be spoiled with choice. All you do is choose, relax and we put it to life infront of you. Check our packages and take your choice.

Chimpanzee Tracking

Uganda has a great number of Chimpanzees and they are loved by most of our visitors. These wild cousins of man are very smart and can surprise you in many ways but being animals that share more than 97% of the human DNA, we have no options but to call these closest relatives of man in the wild our wild brothers. And guess what they are lovely. They can entertain and do many things more less the human way.

We help our clients to track these brothers in the wild jungles of Kibale National Park, which is referred to as the Primate capital of the World, because it has the highest primate density. We also track these primates in many other places like Kyambura Gorge, Budongo Forest among others but you can also have more close interactions in a semi-wild environment in the Chimpanzee Island of Ngamba. You will love interacting with these smart primates.

Hard & Daring Adventures

At Limitless Tours and Travels, we have no limits as long as safety is taken care off. We are limitless and we believe that people should have fun any way they love, so your preference sets our Agenda. We love to dare, explore and dig deep. We believe in rarity and enjoying hard and soft fun equally. So if you are a daring type, we have you covered, with our hard but thrilling activities across the country. We do a range of hard and daring activities like Bungee Jumping over River Nile, a super thrilling venture; Rafting on the world's longest River Nile; Hot-air ballon Safaris over the wild savannah plains of Uganda; Zip-linning; Hiking and climbing the legendary Mountains of the Moon-Mt. Rwenzori, among others.
Fun sets us working and the deeper the better, so we go for it limitless. Talk to us about your daring dreams, hard adventure activities and lets bring that dream to life.

Rhino Tracking

Do you love Rhinos: We take you looking for these majestic animals on foot. It is a cool activity, tracking Rhinos in their current only sanctaury in Uganda. Don't be scared, it is safe and precautionary measures are put in place, and even Children are allowed to track them alongside adults. In the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, not far off Uganda's capital Kampala, is the place for this activity. Even if you are in Uganda for just a short time, perhaps for business or other engagements, and don't have enough time to go exploring the other wilder Uganda, this is the place and activity for you. We shall take just hours of your day and you will surely enjoy this, even as a supplement to your other engagements.

Culture Tours and local engagements

Uganda is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the World. The great diversity in Uganda’s people has created a broadly different yet closely connected Uganda. From different ethnic origins that has shaped the current day Uganda, several cultural orientations, behaviours, beliefs, and activities have been condensed into this small country dissected by the equator.
From previous ways of life that ruled the historical past of this East-African country, a lot of unique cultural aspects will marvel you. Whether you love to take part or just watch the romantic and electrified cultural dances, or you are a super “foodie” who loves to put your taste buds to different cultural foods, or exploring unique lifestyles, or dress codes including of some societies still being forced to adopt the so called modern lifestyle, you will find it all in this small but culturally huge country.
You can choose to do purely cultural adventures or have it mixed within your other safari components, we take care of it either or any ways.

Car Hire and Transport services

Besides offering tour and travel services, we also provide car hire and transportation services. Whether you need to hire a self-drive car in Uganda, or you need us to provide you with full transportation services, with both drivers and vehicle. Our vehicles will serve your interest whether for Safaris, Family-outings, Field work, Leisure, Work or other personal needs.

We operate 4WD off-road vehicles, which come with AC, Sunroofs for Safari, Luggage Carriers, and Guards among others at very friendly prices.

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Other Services: Bird Watching, Honeymoons, Urban Tours, Educational Tours, Mountaineering, Religious; & Hotel Booking

We also offer a variety of other tour, travel and transportation related services which includes:
1) Planning and organizing wedding Honeymoons for newly wedded couples;
2) Bird watching to clients who either want specifically Bird watching or those who want to focus a fraction of their tour package across Uganda;
3) For mountaineering funs, we mainly do mountaineering trips to Rwenzori Mountains;
4) Urban Tours - We integrate urban tours in our other packages but also do solely urban tours in Uganda's major urban areas, with most of our urban tours done in Kampala, the capital city of Uganda;
6) Educational tours are mostly custom designed and we propose and customize to educational institutions according to their areas of interest;
7) Religious tours - constitutes a segment of tours to Uganda. Being a country with freedom of worship, there is a lot of religious aspects from the famous Uganda Martyrs to several religious segments including the Bahai temple.

Other Services: Bird Watching, Honeymoons, Urban Tours, Educational Tours, Mountaineering, Religious; & Hotel Booking