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Top 4 must-see Places to visit, for an exciting Wildlife Safari in Uganda.

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Uganda, popularly tagged as the Pearl of Africa has increasingly become an authoritative destination, rated as one of the top international safari destinations that boasts of a unique and diverse wildlife and nature. Uganda has a number of national parks and wildlife reserves that offers every visitor a piece of whatever their preference is, to witness a diverse wildlife in their natural habitat. On a guided safari trip, you can explore the untamed African wildlife in a serene and tranquil nature top-rated national parks and wildlife reserves.

Here is a list of top places, which you can explore while enjoying a guided wildlife safari in Uganda:

  1. Murchison Falls National Park

This is the largest and oldest Game Park in Uganda, gazetted in 1952, but still rules the wilderness. Murchison Falls National Park is a home to a wide variety of wildlife. This park covers 3,940 square kilometers and is known for its breathtaking Murchison Falls. The Murchison Falls National Park in Uganda is the best place to enjoy an exciting game drive that rolls in the smothering morning chill upto the Albert Delta, where the Victoria Nile opens her valves into Lake Albert. If you love variety and uniqueness, you get it squared in this African land, serving you a variety of wildlife like the Height Masters – The Rothschild Giraffes, African Elephants, Jungle masters, the African Lions, who rule the African Jungles, Cape Buffaloes, whose ever annoyed faces will pierce straight into your face in a daring gaze. You may be that lucky chap to also see the hiding Leopards, but whether that luck does not come your way, your visual plate will still be full of Warthogs, Hyenas, a bucket Antelope list of Water bucks, Heart beasts, Uganda Kobs and more.

Make sure the wild visual party does not stop until you reach the Albert Delta sprawling with even more wildlife. If you are not a bush-type, then then the waters will cool you urge. You take a launch cruise that runs through the Nile up to the bottom of the lovely waterfalls. Imagine the waters of the world’s longest river squeezing through a 7m opening then thrust downwards to over 40meters deep down in front of your eyes. That is what exactly happens over here. Your land life is supplemented by the water masters like the massive Hippopotamus competing for the breath, Crocodiles laying their traps or having their Sun-birth as well as several birds. You can also trek or drive to the top of the falls for a life memorable view of the falls.

If you love nature walks, you got it here, with the Honeymoon tracks and others deep in the Kaniyo-Pabidi, your stroll through this unspoiled land will stand out to be one of the most refreshing experiences, where you connect with nature and forget your man-made being. If you are couple, it’s a great place to reconnect with each other. Shading of the stress of the city and urban life is what you need to do here. Just keep it natural, keep it wild and keep it cool in this forested landscape.

Murchison waterfalls is surely an authority to reckon with in the African landscape and will prove to be the right platform to enjoy an epic safari in Uganda.

Do not forget to miss out an exciting chimpanzee tracking in Budongo, in Murchison Falls National Park, that will prove to be a memorable moment of your wildlife safari.


  1. Queen Elizabeth National Park

Uganda’s most impressive Queen Elizabeth National Park is the most visited national park and offers high biodiversity that includes open savannas, forested landmasses, dense papyrus and crater lakes. Queen Elizabeth National Park is a home to more than 600 bird species and 100 mammal species. On a safari trip to this park, you will love to witness the Elephants, Giant forest hogs, Hippos, Leopards, Hyenas, the famous Tree-climbing Lions who carelessly patch the barks of trees in the Ishasha sector of this protected area, and more.

On a primate tracking or chimpanzee tracking safari in the Kyambura gorge in this park in Uganda, you will love to witness the primates in their natural habitat, deep down in the Gorge as they hoot and ‘fly’ from tree to tree in search for what only them know best.

And then the beautiful and relaxing boat cruise on Kazinga channel, with amazing views and various waterlife. This park has some of the world’s most beautiful crater lakes that you should not miss. You should not miss seeing the locals mining salt in the salty lakes which migratory Flamingos call their home too during their Uganda part of the ‘tour de earth’ journeys. This man and biosphere reserve is recognized globally and you surely have to make it a place to be.


  1. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

This park is the right place to enjoy an exhilarating Uganda Gorilla tour.  The Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is known by many as the best destination in Uganda, home to the endangered Mountain Gorillas. This attracts a huge number of Gorilla lovers from all around the world to enjoy a thrilling gorilla tracking expedition. With Uganda alone having more than 50% of the World’s remaining Mountain Gorillas, there is nowhere else to enjoy the Gorilla experience better than Bwindi. Having a rich ecosystem, the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park has an immense diversity of nature in a terrain that leaves you wondering where you are and who. The natural landscaping of this part of the earth is unique and you will be lost for your breath as you dare through the roads that cling on the sides of these rugged landscape. And the mist over the impenetrable forest will remind you of the 1988 famous “Gorillas in the mist” thriller and yes, you are where it was shot, the Gorilla landscape.

Gorilla tracking is not only the most expensive tourist activity in Uganda but also one with the biggest demand, where your Gorilla tracking permit will have to be booked and purchased months in advance and you don’t just walk over there to track but you must have been scheduled in the restricted number of tourists allowed to see these gentle giant apes, that will make your trip a life-long memory and a story to document for your friends and grandchildren too. For the bird lovers, you will enjoy a cocktail of bird songs in this impenetrable forest.

You will track the Gorillas on foot in the wild. It is a must do and you will leave to remember the experience.

  1. Kidepo Valley National Park

Talk unspoiled places and you are talking Kidepo Valley National Park, situated at the extreme northeast and considered to be the home for a variety of animals like Cape Buffaloes, Lions, Giraffes, Zebras, Hyenas, Reedbucks and more. The Kipedo Valley National Park is Uganda’s most isolated parks that lies in the rugged, semi-arid valley and famous for having the most exciting faunas such as the greater and lesser kudu, Eland, Cheetah, Spotted hyena, Side-striped Jackals and more. This remotely located park is a wilderness capital in its setting and surrounding. Surrounded by the Karamojong people who live in their communal traditional “eden-like Manyattas” and who until recently have been alien to clothes, and maintained their “natural suits”. You will love to see these people jump and dance to their traditional dances and folklore.

Many travelers including those who have made several trips to Uganda have not stepped on this remote segment Uganda and those who have done so testify to this park as being one of the most beautiful and unique sceneries that you can ever get across the continent.

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