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Uganda is a Fairy Tale back then and Now: What you don’t know about Uganda.

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Uganda is a “fairy tale” – described by Sir Winston Churchhill. Back then to Winston, it was the fairy tale at the end of the railway. Now it still remains the fairy tale at the end of the butmen road, at the end of the off-road tracks and at the landing of the Air jets, and at the limit of the walkways and track paths, it still remains a fairy tale. At the end of the railway, you expected an end to the “road” but guess what the Uganda train has never and will never be similar to what your eyes have given you. So rub off your expectation and open up your baby mind, sharpen your eyes and just reset your natural instincts to the factory mode alas open and free mind. That principle will take you to deep in the little known Uganda.

Are you getting lost? Or Are my loosing you? Or better still are my making you to get lost?

Let us get to what is this fairy tale and what the fuss! When someone mentions the word Uganda out there, many people have different perspectives of what Uganda is. A little flashback: When I first visited European Countries, I used to feel offended, but being the person that I am, “a natural diplomat” of sorts, I always never allowed the offense to read off my face but rather used that as an opportunity to tell the World about the real Uganda. So what is it that used to get me annoyed? Every time I introduced myself as Ugandan, many folks never knew what Uganda was and to the folks who knew what Uganda was, the next statement would feature “IDI Amin.”

Amin made such a negative mark on the World stage and his actions created an imaginary “Amin veil” around Uganda to date yet Amin left power in 1979. So how comes the almost 40year old era of Amin has still remained, to many out there, as though it is the true face of Uganda! People still refer to those 40year old stories partly because Uganda has not been out there to decide what image of hers gets placed out there and this gave good fertile soils for the planting and propagation of the negative propaganda that has been strategically used to craft a certain desired image of Africa which is far from the real Africa.  It’s not a lie that Africa has problems, but that is just like any other continent. And Africa is not a Country, Africa is Continent but certain forces have tried their best in putting Africa into a “Country container”, regardless of Africa’s great diversity.

The point is that the media has been used as a tool to artificially create and cement an artificial face of Africa, leaving many people out there not to know the real Africa. You can’t really blame someone who has never been to Africa but has only heard about Africa from their media, all they know is the type of Africa that the media has portrayed. The Africa of only problems, diseases etc etc. So for someone who has never been to Africa, it can’t be surprising what perceptions they have about Africa, which is completely skewed to the negative. Truth be told, Africa is far from what your lovely media house has told you and the proof for that lies not in what your media tells you but in you seeing what exactly is in Africa and to that effect, I bring to you a little piece of Africa (Uganda) today.

Uganda, is a very small country, small enough to be one of China’s small provinces or one of the states in the United States of America. Yes that small, but don’t be mistaken because Uganda’s small size in no way limits her uniqueness to the level that this African Great Lakes Country is actually a great force of beauty, uniqueness, diversity and whatever you may want to consider a force even in the biggest Countries.

So for the story lovers and movie funs, you may have been wondering what exactly made Sir Winston Churchill, to refer to this small country as a fairy tale. In what sense is it a fairy tale? The answer is – Uganda is a fairy tale in every sphere. That sounds ambiguous, right! Yes that sounds ambiguous to the ear but true to reality and in many senses.

I do not intend to go into the specific details of what makes Uganda the fairy tale because that should be a book in itself, however a little highlight to this fairy tale is an article that I may write soon. However that said, this little cute country earned the fairy tale bestowment. Imagine a very small country on the Equator, yet with Mountains with Snow at the peak of some Mountains, Imagine a little country that is a big constituent of the Albertine Grabben which is the most biodiverse eco-region for vertebrates in Africa. Are you thinking of Semi-arid places, Uganda has them, do you imagine the impenetrable tropical rain forests, they are in place; Do you think unique diversity in terms of wildlife, they give you the famous Africa’s Big Five plus Mountain Gorillas, yes, in fact having more than half of the remaining global population of this “King Kong”; Do you talk of Apes, they have a park with the highest primate density that many refer to as the primate capital of the world, a place where your closest known living relatives in the Wild, the Chimpanzees are a great force. Of course when you talk of Africa, then the wild fun of the legendary African Safari sets in mind and in Uganda, you have lots of options to choose which of their sprawling endless Savannah Grasslands you want to encounter the real jungle life of the wildlife therein. And the beautiful sceneries of green landscapes is one of my preferences, no wonder some of those sceneries had to be some of the scenes for the famous Black Panther movie. Beauty is many times reflected in feathers and birds have therefore been great masters of displaying natural beauty alongside flowers. So whether it is the beautiful melodies of songs from the African birds, or even the European or Asians birds seeking refuge in Africa during unfavourable times in their continents, you will be thrilled to the treat of beauty from Uganda’s birds. And yes, it is in the great lakes region, so do you know where the World’s longest River Nile originates, the Source is right here in this little country, where this river starts her journey of a thousand miles from Lake Victoria, which is the second largest fresh water lake in the World, yes you heard it right, and these beautiful freshwater lakes are masters in designing their landscapes, they seem to be natural landscape professionals who not only design their sceneries to the awe of man but also their freshness supports almost all forms of life, creating an immense aquatic biodiversity or variety of life.

But however much a country may be beautiful, her beauty is incomplete if her people are not a match to the beauty. So for those wondering what kind of people Ugandans are, the right words may not be with me but simply put Ugandans radiate warmness and conduct friendliness to anybody that sets foot in their land, so don’t ask me why so many people have sought refuge in Uganda. It does not matter what your race is, what your colour is, what your uniqueness is, you have no worries of being the “square peg in the round hole”, but rather it is a place you reach and the friendliness of its people make you feel like making it home or never leaving. This is really pretty amazing because these people are very diverse and diverse in every sense that even they don’t have a common native language which they all understand but rather use several languages and with over 40 tribes, each with its own unique and preferred staple foods, language etc, they define what diversity implies in every sense, yet their ethnic diversity has not in any way vaporised the friendly gel in them that cuts across this little yet very beautiful country.

Without getting tempted to detail Uganda’s fairy tale, in a nutshell, what the media, has made those who have never been to Uganda to know about Uganda is far different from the true Uganda and you will be the judge after your visit to this country, so the best is to come and see this for yourself, why Uganda was, is and still the fairy tale, and if you need help, you can be helped here on organising your maiden trip to Uganda. You can also contact Limitless Tours and Travels by email: [email protected]. 

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